Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Day Gifts (made at home)

 Well, tomorrow is Valentines Day! I hope your planning something special for the special person or people in your life. Does this mean you have to go out an buy an expensive gift or spend a large amount of money to eat out? In my opinion, my answer is no. Some of the most meaningful gifts and gestures of love from the heart can be made at home.
 So as I was making waffles for my husband this morning I thought why not make his breakfast special this morning(since we are so busy getting ready to leave for camping at Pismo Beach tomorrow on Valentines). I made heart shaped waffles. I garnished with raspberry syrup, whipped topping and fresh strawberries. Something so easy, can taste so delightful. You could garnish this with any of your favorite fruit or syrups. Another idea is: on the plate using the syrup, you can write BE MINE, I LOVE YOU etc. around the edges or across the middle, then place the waffles next to it. Use your imagination and be creative. Sorry I didn't get any pictures today but I'm sure you'll get the picture by reading this(laughing)..

Use your favorite waffle mix and make your waffles( my waffle iron is square). Place the waffle on a plate or cutting board. Take a heart shaped cookie cutter, place in the center of the waffle and press down firmly. Then place your heart shaped waffle on dish of your choice, garnish and serve.

Some other great ideas for homemade gifts might be, heart shaped cookies and cake pops.

Enjoy time with your loved ones and Happy Valentines Day!