Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Little Sunshine

A Little Sunshine
  Wow...It's been quite a while since my last blog so today I'm going to share A Little Sunshine.A couple of weeks a ago I made a cake for my friend's granddaughter's 1st birthday. Everyone loved the cake. I had her send me pictures as I forgot to take some.
 Everyone needs a little sunshine in their life. Someone or thing to put a smile on your face, to give you inspiration, and to push you forward to each new day. My friend's granddaughter is her sunshine.  How do I know, well, the smile on her face tells all when she shares her new photos or a recent video.  They are so darling. 
 I made a three tier cake 6,8,and 10 inch.  Vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling. A butter cream frosting covered by marshmallow fondant. Yum, yum!  Decorated with a yellow chocolate sun and pink gum paste flowers. To which I might add was my first time using both for decorating. 
Today I'm going to share A Little Sunshine- my recipe for Marshmallow Fondant. 
   Marshmallow Fondant Recipe 
16 oz. package of Marshmallows (small or large, I use Jet Puffed)
1/2 cup Shortening (I use Crisco)
2lb. Powder  Sugar ( I use 2lb bag of C&H or Walmart brand)
4-6 tbsp. Water 
This makes approx.  3lbs. 
I used one batch to do this cake and just made it.
For Storage -wrap in plastic wrap then place in Ziploc bag. I store mine in my cupboard and stays fresh for at least two weeks .
Place shortening in counter top mixer bowl and set aside (I also coat my dough hook with shortening. The fondant seems to come off easier when finished).Place marshmallows in a large glass (microwave safe) bowl. Sprinkle  5 tbsp. of water over marshmallows then microwave for 2 minutes.  With a spatula, scrape and blend them quickly until all lumps are out (I coat my spatula with shortening the marshmallow sticks a bit less). Next,scrape marshmallow into the mixer bowl.  Blend on low about 30 to 60 seconds then add powdered sugar, half bag.  Scrape bottom then the add other half. If the dough seems dry and not picking up off bottom of the bowl then add another tbsp. of water (and more if needed.)  The dough should come together and form on the hook (like bread dough). 
On a clean working surface sprinkle powdered sugar and knead fondant till smooth (sometimes little sugar crystals don't blend in and leave tiny little bumps that's why I look at the dates on the marshmallow packages.  The older dates seem to leave more crystals). Don't worry if dough seems to soft you can just knead in more powdered sugar as needed. 
The color is an off white.  You can tint to any color you like.  I use the Wilton Gel colors in the little round containers. I get them at Jo Ann's, Michael's or Walmart.  If I'm doing all one solid color while the fondant is still loose in the beginning I put the color in. It saves time, you won't have to knead it in later.When I first started making this I adjusted the water and powdered sugar here and there until the right consistency.
We learn by trial and error and thus making the recipe our own...right.
This fondant taste good on sugar cookies as well.. 
Well...I hope I didn't leave anything out!  If I did sorry and I will adjust it later.  There are so many recipes out there so take your time and research them.  Combine two or three that you like the most, whatever makes you smile. 
Remember, have fun and make it yours.  
A Little Sunshine
The table setting with the cookies and cute.
    And that's the Dish for today!