Sunday, December 23, 2012

'Twas The Day Before Christmas...And I Had To Work

'Twas the day before Christmas 
  and I had to work!
With a strong cup of coffee
  I headed out my front door
I started my drive
  for a long haul it seemed
Christmas songs playing
  I had a smile on my face
As cars cut me off
  they had no grace
With cheer in my heart
  I sat at my desk
Helping one customer
  to the next 
As the time passed by slowly
  I thought the day would never end
The next thing I new
  the clock had struck five
I rushed to clear off my desk
  and headed for the door
I forgot to grab my jacket
  and my scarf fell on the floor
As I reached my car
  my keys I could not find
So I peered through the window
  I couldn't see my keys anywhere
It was dark now 
  And all the cars were gone from the lot
As I shivered and shake
  I thought, "Wow I'm in a spot"
I kept my head down
  hiding my face from the night's mist
I didn't have my phone
 I didn't know what to do
Then I looked up 
  and I knew
Before me stood a man
  as he said," Ho Ho Ho"
White haired, red suit
  a face of glow
My eyes opened wide
  my heart beating fast
I thought, is this real
  is this Santa, at last
With white gloves on his hands
  he touched the lock on my door
Magically, it opened
  and there my keys laid on the floor
With tears in my eyes
  I gazed with wonder
I thought," how could this be"
  as I turned from the car
No one was there
  just the still of night
Then I heard bells jingling
  as I looked to the sky
I saw what appeared to be
  a sleigh flying by
With a wave of his hand
  and a twinkle in his eye
I heard him say
"Ho Ho Ho Holy Night"

It was a true blessing
  God sent him in my time of need
A lesson to learn
  We should all BELIEVE!

by D T Martins

Merry Christmas to All
      God Bless


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