Monday, July 30, 2012

Deep Fried Cupcakes

Deep Fried Cupcake
(filled with cream)

Deep Fried Cupcakes.....Healthy or not they are pretty darn good! You know I have been hearing and seeing a lot of different ways to deep fry cupcakes.  So I decided to try some myself to see what all the rave was about. In putting my recipe together I have to say I learned a lot. Like I say practice makes perfect. Today I am going to share a recipe with you and my experiences in making it.
Using what I had on hand, here are a couple suggestions for this recipe.
I used a boxed cake mix, which took less time for assembly. I didn't have enough oil so I used vegetable shortening but I would suggest an oil instead. The cupcakes absorb a little more shortening than I anticipted(the taste was still great though). Making them not as light as I would of liked. My batter was a little thicker which also made the cupcakes a little heavier( I had seen batters made really thin and thought I would like mine thicker so it would have more coverage, well I was wrong). The suggestion here is a thinner batter would of been perfect.The last note is make sure your oil is hot.
I used my fry daddy and fried one at a time but the temperature was not hot enough for the batters consistency(which was thick).
Well, I hope you enjoy this recipe and have fun with it, I know I did. My family loved these deep fried cupcakes too. Not only did they make a great presentation but they taste great (like on old fashion donut to me). When they are still warm (and if you were to cut one in half), you would see the creme just melting being absorb into the golden rich cake.
I also forgot to mention I used a beer batter for deep frying.  The left over batter I just ladled over the oil and it made little batter pieces(like funnel cake).  Sprinkle a little or a lot powder sugar over them and they are delicious.

Deep Fried Cupcakes


Cake Batter

1 boxed cake mix( I used Betty Crocker Vanilla)
1/2 cup oil
1/4 cup water
3 eggs

Beer Batter

1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg
1 1/2 cans beer (I used Corona Extra)

Oil (for frying your choice)


Frostin Pride Vanilla  Topping Filling (whipped)
(For filling the cupcakes)
or a filling of your choice

Preheat oven 350 degrees.

In a large bowl or counter top mixer place cake mix, oil, water and eggs. Mix well, the batter will be thick. Grease and flour a standard cupcake tray. Fill the cups 1/2 way with batter and bake for 16-17 minutes or until done. Remove tray from the oven and let cool. Mean while turn on your fryer(or desired frying instrument frying pan, dutch oven etc.) to heat the oil.

Baked cupcakes cooled
(baked with no liner)

Cupcakes filled and ready
 to be dipped in beer batter

For the beer batter, in a large bowl or counter top mixer place the dry ingredients then add egg and beer(adjusting the batter consistency by adding more or less beer to your liking)and mix well. Then set aside for a moment. Fill your cupcakes with the filling by using a piping bag with a tip, pressing the tip in the middle of the cupcakes. You can also cut a small circle from the center of the cupcake  fill it then put the cut piece of cupcake back on top. Now dip the cupcake in the batter to cover completely then carefully place in oil and fry(the oil may platter)until brown or done to your liking. When the cupcakes are done place them on a paper towel lined pan or dish to absorb excess oil.  This recipe makes 14-16 cupcakes(depending on how much you fill cups)
You can plate the deep fried cupcakes on a platter or individual. For presentation place some of the batter pieces around the cupcakes and dust with powder sugar, try fresh strawberries or your favorite fruit. How about dipping them in a glaze or drizzling a glaze over them( a chocolate or maple glaze sounds yummy too). Experiment with this recipe and enjoy!

Remember, have fun and make it yours!

Deep Fried Cupcakes
(displayed on a platter)

And that's the "DISH" for today!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Orange Cream filled Cupcakes and Friends makes for a great time!

Orange Cream filled Cupcakes

Have you ever been to your local farmers market? Well, every summer some friends and I gather together every Thursday and make a run to a local farmers market. Not to faraway this market offers fresh vegetables, fruit, food, merchandise etc. and of course our groups favorite drinks, music and good time with friends. I mean that's what it's all about right? Sharing a good time with your friends and or family. They say, laughter is the best medicine. I know I like a healthy dose (laughing).
So this last farmers market night, knowing it was my friends birthday I decided to bake her favorite cupcakes and bring them.  An orange cream filled cupcake. Some say it reminds them of an Orangesicle.
I prepared the cupcakes and boxed them, to make it easier for transportation. After food, drinks and some strolling through the market we found a table to sit an enjoy dessert. With a couple bottles of white wine (by Benson Ferry Winery in Lodi) on the tables it was time to bring out the cupcakes.
The cupcakes were a hit. Not because I made them, but I could tell by just watching everyone having a good time, laughing and enjoy themselves. My pictures didn't turn out that great but we were able to show a couple.
No recipes to share today, but most important Food shared with family and or friends makes for a great time!

Remember, have fun and make it yours.

A friend holding a Orange Cream filled Cupcake

And that's the "DISH" for today!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

French Toast filled with Ricotta Cream

French Toast filled with Ricotta Cream
(cut in half)

Having the same old french toast for breakfast?
Well, jazz it up and make it special with a ricotta cream filling. As your frying the french toast you can see the creamy filling drip from the sides, then your mouth starts to water. The cream is not overly sweet or heavy it's a perfect combination with a dash of cinnamon You will notice the golden brown colors bubbling around the french toast and while your taking it from the frying pan to plate,you will see the breakfast table seats are full. So as you hurry to serve them, a dust of powdered sugar, a pat of butter and drizzle of syrup, remember to save one for yourself!
You can garnish this dish with fresh fruit or a fruit spread. How about add some mini chocolate chips, chopped nuts or orange zest in the ricotta cream These are just a few ideas but as always be creative and experiment.
This recipes makes 6 servings(2 slices of toast filled with ricotta cream, a serving).
You can serve this French Toast filled with Ricotta Cream for breakfast or brunch.

French Toast filled with Ricotta Cream


12 slices of Texas toast bread
4 eggs
1/2  cup whipping cream (liquid, I used heavy cream)


1/2 cup Ricotta Cheese (I used whole milk)
1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1 1/2 tbsp Stevia (or sugar of your choice)
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp vanilla

oil or butter (for frying)

Filling ingredients

In a large bowl beat whipping cream until thick then add ricotta, stevia, cinnamon and vanilla. Beat until mixed well (my cream was a little loose because I beat it by hand with a whisk, you can use a hand mixer, counter top mixer or whisk).
Heat a large skillet or grill on medium heat.
In a medium bowl whisk together eggs and cream.
Place a pat of butter in the frying pan.

Egg Mixture
Filling spread on one side of bread

Bread dipped in egg mixture

French Toast filled with Ricotta Cream
( frying )
Bubbling goodness!

Take a slice of bread, spread a table spoon of cream mixture over one side. Now place another piece of bread over the cream (so it looks like a sandwich).  Take the whole sandwich dip in the egg mixture, flip from one side to the other to get coated. Let excess egg mixture drip down in the bowl, then place in frying pan. Fry until golden brown on each side or until done.

You can plate these individually or on a platter.

Remember, have fun and make it yours.

French Toast filled with Ricotta Cream
(plated on a platter)

And that's the "DISH" for today!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Red Onion Kaleidoscope

Red Onion Kaleidoscope

Have you ever cut a fruit and vegetable and in slicing it think how beautiful it is. Your just stunned by the beauty or design it naturally has created.
Well, this is exactly what happened to me when I was slicing a Red Onion (some might call it a purple onion). As I began slicing this red onion, I noticed the pattern in the layers and thought how memorizing is this. It was just as though I was looking through a kaleidoscope.
So today I have no recipes to share but just an experience. This goes to show, No matter what your preparing, you are always able to find beauty in the work that your doing. 

Remember, have fun and make it yours.

And that's the "DISH" for today!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Presentation Ideas for Homemade Desserts

Frosted Brownies
(in patriotic cupcake liners)

Like many people I anticipate the holidays but then they seem to pass quickly, like the 4Th of July has come and gone.  Before we know it Christmas will be here.
Yesterday to celebrate the 4Th of July we attended a family barbecue, of course since I like to make desserts that is what I offered to bring. As I looked through my cupboards and kitchen I came up with two ideas for desserts.  Then I had to think how was I going to decorate these or what was going to be my best presentation for them to celebrate the theme.
Stars and stripes,red, white and blue colors and flags all came to mind. At first I thought I didn't have anything to work with.I did a quick search through my baking supplies and I found a couple of items that I could use.
So today I'm not going to share any recipes with you instead I'm going to share what I did for my desserts. Nothing fancy nothing big, in fact for some this could just be a reminder to you  don't forget to check your cupboards and baking supplies for ideas. Be creative and enjoy!

My first dessert items was Frosted Brownies. 

Decorative cupcake liners
A frosting tip with piping bag
Candy sprinkles or nuts
Cupcake picks

Frosted Brownies
(plated on a platter)

Close up of Frosted Brownies
(in a patriotic cupcake liners on platter)

When my brownies were cooled (I place them in the refrigerator for about an hour if time allows, it makes cutting them easier) I  cut them in my desired size.  Then I take the brownie place it in the liner. Now I apply the frosting (I place the frosting in the piping bag with tip attached) in a design I feel would make a great presentation. This time I did a zig zag look on top. Then I placed sprinkles or nuts on the frosting (I used chopped peanuts, mini chocolate chips and left some plane. I also found some flag cupcake of picks and placed them in a couple of brownies as well (not shown in pictures).
After I put these together they looked really nice. It was a great presentation.

Star crusted Apricot Pie

My second dessert was Homemade Apricot Pie with Star Crust
Star Cookie Cutter(medium size)

Star shaped crust placed overlapping
on top of pie
Pie brushed with egg wash and sugar
before baked

So  my pie tin was ready with a bottom crust in it and the apricot filling. What I needed to decide was how I was going to decorate this for the theme in the top crust. So instead of making a full top crust with one cut out star in the middle, I decided it would look better for presentation to overlap a bunch of stars across the top of the pie. Brushed with a little egg wash and sugar and my presentation was complete.
I pictured in my mind the filling bubbling through the little open spaces on to the crust, making the overall outcome look rustic and so it did!

Remember, have fun and make it yours.

Star Crust Apricot Pie

And that's the "DISH" for today!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Avocado Salad Bowl

Avocado Salad bowl

How would you like to make a salad that is versatile? Sounds good right, well this salad can also be used as a salsa or relish. It just depends on your menu style. This avocado salad bowl has vibrant colors, sweetness from the corn mixed with a tangy vinaigrette dressing. The flavors just pop in your mouth, where your lips say more please!
This recipe is fast and easy. The great thing about this is instead of throwing away your avocado skin you actually utilize it as a garnish, in this recipe it serves as the bowl in a appetizer.  You could also use this salad as the relish on a main entree or a salsa for chips or crostini's. So as always, be creative and enjoy.

Avocado Salad Bowl


4 medium avocados (cut in half and insides scraped out, saving the full skins for bowls)(cut the inside of 1 avocado into slices for garnish and dice the rest into small pieces for salad)
1 small red onion (diced)
1 can corn drained(or 1 cup of fresh /frozen)
1 can kidney beans (drained and rinsed)
1 medium bell pepper  (diced)
3/4 cup vinegar ( your choice, I used a pineapple white vinegar)
1/2 cup oil ( your choice, I used olive oil)
1 tbsp dried minced garlic (or fresh)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper

Place all ingredients in a large bowl and toss. Adjust flavor to taste as needed.
Then fill the avocado half shells with the salad, plating them with some sliced avocado on the side.
Your can plate these individual or on a platter. You could also place a large leaf of lettuce(or radicchio) on the plate then place the avocado bowl on top of it with garnish.
This will make 8 bowls plus.

Remember, have fun and make it yours

Avocado Salad Bowl
(you can see the shell)

And that's the "DISH" for today!